Parents appeal to members of the public to help them raise funds for their son’s stem cell treatment

The parents of 5-year-old Eli Carter Ross, who is diagnosed with stage 5 dystonic cerebral palsy, are making a humble appeal to members of
the public to help them raise funds for their son’s stem cell treatment. The stem cell treatment has been booked for 4 February 2018 at the Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute in Mumbai, India.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Clarissa Ross, who is a full time caregiver to her boy, said, “Our extraordinary little boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and due to the lack of oxygen he has severe brain damage. His cerebral palsy is a factor of the brain damage. Cerebral palsy comes with a host of complications and requires different types of therapy. I have engaged him in physio, speech and occupational therapy since he was 4-months-old however due to his core (brain) being damaged there is limitation to his improvement.”

The boy’s parents recently found out about an innovative treatment called stem cell treatment and are willing to give it a try so their son can be able to live a comfortable life as he grows. “My husband and I attended a detailed seminar earlier this year. During the seminar, parents who attended were given in-depth information about the stem cell treatment with theological and scientific proof presented to us. Once the treatment is done documentation of progress (videos) are observed. The videos we watched definitely gave us a positive outlook on stem cells. Neurosurgeon Dr Alok Sharma from the Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute has given
us a guarantee that Eli will stand and walk assisted after treatment,” said Ross.

“The cost of the 7-day procedure is R150 000. We have decided to spend an extra 2 weeks at the centre for intensive rehabilitation which will benefit Eli in a huge way. The extra 2 weeks cost is R70 000. We were overwhelmed with the most blessed news last month that a very kind individual and her partner will cover our flight expenses. Despite fundraisers and raffles we currently have raised R66 000 which leaves us with an amount of R184 000 to raise. I believe we can raise this amount before February 2018. Eli is booked to be admitted at Neurogen on 4 February and discharged on 24 February,” Ross said.

“I have to try my best to give him this chance otherwise we have failed him as his parents. I feel so helpless at times because I wish that I could physically approach businesses and people for contributions but it’s impossible because my son will not stay with anyone else. My resource is social media and word of mouth. I have created a page called “Eli’s healing journey” and “a mum on a mission” on Facebook to help create awareness of our cause. All we need is 605 generous souls who can contribute R400 and we will reach our goal,” added Ross.

“Eli is such a happy little boy and I see the life, determination and strength he has – it is our duty to try this to help him achieve his full potential. We appeal for any sort of assistance in terms of fundraising and creating awareness of our cause. Your contribution will give a little boy a new sense of hope. We truly appreciate the help we’ve received thus far, all Eli needs is a little hope and someone who believes in him. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much, please help us to help him,” concluded Ross.In an effort to raise funds for little Eli, T3 Events will be hosting a spectacular car show at the Rydalvale Sports Grounds on 14 and 15 October 2017 at 9am. The show will include a sound off, show and shine, vintage collection, bikers and a glow in the dark competition. Part of the proceeds from every entry will be donated to Eli.

Members of the public who wish to donate towards Eli’s operation can contact his mum, Clarissa Ross on 073 064 7634 or his dad, Dale Ross on 078 171 8399.