By Shanell Daniel

Conflicting reports have surfaced following a fist fight between two groups of golfers at Durban’s Windsor Park Golf Course, last weekend.

A screengrab from the video that went viral

The fight that was captured on video which quickly went viral, showed two groups of men punching and kicking each other after a verbal altercation.

Robert Naidoo of the Athlone Golf Club, based at the Windsor Park Golf Course, claimed that the incident occurred when members of the Pink Ladies Golf School were allegedly abused by two members of another golf club.

Keowan Reddy, attorney for the club and the members involved, claimed that while the game was in play, the club members were allegedly approached by female golfers who wanted to tee off and told members that the caddy master gave them consent to do so. Reddy claimed that after enquiring with the caddy, he denied it.

“Our members then advised them of the caddie master’s advice at which point the situation became volatile,” said Reddy. “The female golfers started to get irate and began swearing. They hurled vulgarities and racial slurs at our members.

“In fact, one of the female golfers went so far as to be purposefully disruptive whilst our members proceeded to tee off. Once teeing off none of our members saw or had any interaction with these female golfers until the incident caught on video occurred,” said Reddy.

He said that later when the same group of golfers were finishing their round on the 18th green, they noticed a group of men round them that were dressed mostly in yellow golf shirts.

“After finishing their round and whilst one of the members in this group was completing his scorecard, he was approached initially by the gentleman in the yellow shirt, who also appears in the video which has been leaked. I am unaware of exactly what was said, but can confirm that the gentleman was enquiring into the incident that occurred earlier with the group of ladies,” said Reddy.

Reddy said that while this was happening, another man got involved in the conversation and his tone and attitude was aggressive.

“He told our member that he would f*%# him up. This is when the conversation became extremely hot-tempered and the gentleman in the black shirt threw a punch at our member. The rest is caught on video and is self explanatory,” he said.

Reddy said that the incident has been blown far out of proportion and has been sensationalised by the media. “It has made one particular group of individuals look excessively aggressive, chauvinistic, and rude. My only intention is to provide the version of events as it occurred in terms of the gentlemen involved.”

He said that the club has initiated disciplinary proceedings and an outcome is awaited. “We have not been contacted by any of the other club’s registered at Windsor Park enquiring into the incident or requesting a report to date. We will be giving a full incident report to the KwaZulu-Natal Golf Union,” said Reddy.

“Should any of the parties involved intend pursuing the matter litigiously, the club has reserved its rights as well as the rights of its members to respond at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum.”

Naidoo said that the Athlone Golf Club will take appropriate against its members after investigations have been concluded, but it cannot take any action against any individuals who are not part of its membership. “The club has a proud record as a non-racial, non-sexist one and we will not tolerate any form of discrimination.”

Comment from the Pink Ladies Golf School was not forthcoming at the time of going to press.