Diwali Festival greetings

Deepavali or Diwali will be celebrated by Hindus on 22 and 23 October 2014 and is considered the biggest and brightest of all Hindu festivals. It’s the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a […]


Head On crash – 8 Injured

LADYSMITH:  A 4 month old baby, and 8 other people were injured when the vehicles they were travelling in were involved in a head-on collision, this afternoon, 18 October 2014. The collision had occurred at the intersections of Pieters andColenso.  SharajEMS and […]


Cape Town imposes strong laws on pit bull owners

In Knysna, residents owning pit bulls will have to apply to the council to retain ownership of their dogs or the dog would be taken away, if all goes ahead at a mayoral committee next week. Mayor, Georlene Wolmarans, has […]


Breaking News – House robbers shot in high-speed chase

By Rachel Vadi An attempted house robbery that took place a few hours ago on Viewhaven Drive in Phoenix, resulted in two of the suspected house robbers being shot by police. According to police sources, information was received by officers […]


Roadblock yields success

Ladysmith SAPS held a joint roadblock in co-operation with Ladysmith Public Safety on Thursday, 9 October 2014. The roadblock was held along Newcastle Road and was aimed at addressing liquor, firearm, drug and vehicle related crimes. During the roadblock, 133 […]


No casinos in malls for now

Installation of Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBTs) at various malls in KwaZulu-Natal will be suspended until such time that the KZN Gaming and Betting Act is amended.

The announcement was made by KZN Finance MEC, Belinda Scott, on Wednesday, 15 October at the sitting of a special Finance Portfolio Committee. MEC Scott said no licences for the terminals will be issued until the provincial Gaming and Betting Act was amended. “No Bingo Hall licences will be extended to include EBTs, until a rigorous regulatory framework has been put into place, and the taxation of EBTs is reviewed,” she added.

According to the department’s head of communications, Musa Cebisa, the MEC will set up a special task team that will work on rectifying the regulations. The process is likely to end in the next few weeks. “An urgent task team is being established by the MEC to expedite this process. This task team will include major stakeholders and government. The new regulations will be gazetted for public comment,” said Cebisa.

“The MEC wishes to emphasise that she will ensure that the permission for Bingo Halls to include EBTs will be done in a highly responsible manner, with due cognisance to the proximity of gambling to children and disadvantaged communities. The welfare of the children of KwaZulu-Natal is of paramount importance to government and Provincial Treasury,” added Cebisa.

Chairman of Anti-EBT Forum, Sham Maharaj, said the people’s voice has been heard. “Government has listened to the cries of our communities,” he added.

“We are very happy and grateful that the concerns of the people of South Africa have been taken into consideration by the government. We have taken on big business and won. “Government has conceded to ensure that gambling machines will not be brought into our shopping malls and our underprivileged communities. We will be seeking a meeting with the MEC to discuss how our input into the Gambling Act and how gambling can be regulated, so that it does not flood our communities. We also want to look at the issue of underage gambling and how illegal gambling can be stopped,” said Maharaj.

Attempted house robbers shot in high-speed chase

By Rachel Vadi

Phoenix streets were ablaze with gun fire as police officers chased down two suspects involved in an attempted house robbery in Viewhaven Drive on Wednesday, 15 October.

The high-speed car chase began on Viewhaven Drive, at about 9:30am, and ended in Westham, where the suspects’ vehicle collided with another vehicle. Attempting to flee on foot in different directions, police officers gave chase in a hail of gunfire, which resulted in both suspects being shot.

According to Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Lieutenant Louise Naidoo, one of the suspects has since died in hospital. It is alleged that the domestic worker was providing information to the suspects. However, well-placed informants provided the information to police. “Information was received by Inanda TRT about a group operating in Phoenix and planned an operation around the information. When the said group planned to rob a house on Viewhaven Drive, at about 9:30am, officers positioned themselves at strategic positions. Officers noticed the suspects’ vehicle, with two occupants, entering a house on Viewhaven Drive. Officers began closing in on the suspects on foot. This startled the suspects, who immediately abandoned their plans and tried to desperately escape with their vehicle,” said Lt Naidoo.

A high-speed chase between the suspects and police resulted in the getaway vehicle crashing into a privately owned vehicle along Lenham Drive, near a petrol station. An eyewitness told the Phoenix Tabloid that he saw the suspect’s car try to overtake a truck. “When the black Toyota Yaris tried to overtake a truck, it crashed into a white VW Polo coming in the opposite direction,” said a witness. According to Lt Naidoo, the suspects jumped out of the vehicle and continued firing shots at the officers, while trying to run away. “One suspect fell and was arrested. Officers continued to chase the second suspect, who was also shot in the exchange of fire.” “Thembekile Mthala sustained injuries to his head and leg and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital under police guard. The other suspect, a 30-year old man, has since died. The deceased sustained injuries to his head, lumbar region, lower abdomen and left leg,” said Lt Naidoo.

According to media reports, the owner of the home in Viewhaven, Aziza Bharath, said she had fallen asleep after returning from work. Bharath was
awakened by a knock at the door. “By the third knock I heard a huge bang. Before I got to the door I heard gunshots, and before I could do anything, police were all over the place. I was absolutely scared as I could have been shot,” she told the newspaper. Bharath, who has two children, was quoted saying, “Thank God I had sent them to créche, as I normally don’t send them to créche when I am at home. Thank God I changed my mind.” According to Lt Naidoo, two 9mm firearms were recovered at the scene. “One of the serial numbers from one of the firearms, has since come up positive in a Qumbu, Eastern Cape case, belonging to a police officer, who was killed. The other one had a filed off serial number.”

Phoenix SAPS is investigating cases of attempted house-robbery, attempted murder, two counts of possession of firearms and two counts of possession of ammunition, and following the death of the suspect, an inquest docket has been opened. The arrested suspect is wanted in Qumbu for murder, attempted murder and escaping from custody.

Diwali Festival greetings


Deepavali or Diwali will be celebrated by Hindus on 22 and 23 October 2014 and is considered the biggest and brightest of all Hindu festivals.
It’s the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a row of lights), which literally illuminates the country with its brilliance. Devotees around the country will be lighting up their lamps in celebration of Diwali, which is also the Hindu New Year.

The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. The Phoenix Tabloid would like to take this opportunity to wish all those celebrating, a joyous and blessed Diwali.


Newcastle Police have launched a manhunt following a robbery that occured on Monday evening at the New City Shell garage on Hardwick Street .
It is alleged that 2 suspects wearing Balaclavas entered the 24 hour store and ordered staff to lie on the floor. “The suspects then planted explosives and blew up a drop-in safe,” Captain Shooz Magudulela, SAPS Cluster Head of Communications said.

Magudulela said after finding nothing inside, the suspects then located a second safe which was also blown up. “The second safe was also empty and the supects then fled,” Shell South Africa’s Country Communications Manager Mr. Hemant Lala responded to the incident.
“We can confirm that an armed robbery took place at approximately 21:10 at the Shell New City retail site in Newcastle. We can also confirm that there were no injuries,”

Lala said that as a result of the robbery staff would be receiving trauma counselling. “Shell South Africa is offering its full support to all relevant authorities around the investigation of this incident,” Police urge community members that have any information which could lead to an arrest to contact 034-3146767

Newcastle Express 21.10

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Phoenix Tabloid 21.10

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Ladysmith Herald 21.10.14

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Update: Five-year old swept away in heavy downpour

The search for the missing five-year old, Nhlakanipho Shoba, continued today, 20 October.

The search ended late on Friday and started up again early this morning. SAPS Search and Rescue, WO Jacques Meyer and fellow K9 Gessie, searched the muddy banks of Sunday River for most of the day. “We have trekked for most of the day and we still can’t find the little girl,” said one of the community members who joined the search party. The search will continue into the week, as police and members of the community start up again tomorrow. According to those involved in the search, the rough rocky terrain has made the search a difficult one.

The five-year old was tragically swept away by a flash flood in Somshoek, Ekuvukeni during one of the heavy downpours experienced throughout KZN on Thursday afternoon, 16 October 2014.


Update: Head-on collision

Ladysmith: The four-month old baby who was injured in the head-on collision along Pieters/Colenso Road on Saturday, 18 October 2014, has since passed away due to injuries sustained. Eight other passengers were also injured in the collision.  It is alleged that the baby passed away a few hours later, due to the severity of its injuries. Police have opened a case of culpable homicide to investigate the cause of the collision.

Assault video goes viral

Aadil Osman was assaulted and had a gun pointed at his face

Aadil Osman was assaulted and had a gun pointed at his face

A two-part video showing a 22-year old Durban being verbally and physically assaulted by self-proclaimed gangsters, has gone viral. In the videos, Aadil Osman, is accused of contacting a woman. At a point in one of the videos, a gun is pointed at Osman’s face and he cowers down, covering his face.

Throughout the videos, Osman claims that he did not contact the woman in question but the assailants continue to assault him. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a buzz with the videos and memes, mocking Osman’s traumatic ordeal.

At present, the matter is under investigation. Updates to follow.

Southern Star 21.10

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KZN Department of Education – All systems go for start of 2014 Matric exams

The KZN Department of Education has issued a media release stating that the department is ready for the 2014 matric exams, having identified all possible disruptions and have taken the necessary precautions.

“As a province we have conducted an audit and checked all centres writing CAT and IT. Anti virus has been installed on all computers to protect the work of candidates. The province has communicated with Eskom and municipality to ensure electricity supply throughout the examination is not disrupted.  The SAPS is also on stand by for any emergency.  The weather pattern has also been checked and we aware that on Monday the 20th October the chances of rain is 25% and on Tuesday 21st October it’s 41%”, said provincial spokesperson, Muzi Mahlambi

The first paper, Computer Applications Technology (CAT) will be written on Monday 20 October 2014, and the second paper, Information Technology (IT), will be written on Tuesday 21 of October 2014.  According to Mahlambi, CAT will be written by 6200 candidates that are registered in the province throughout all 12 districts. There are 342 centres/schools writing CAT. CAT is a 3 hour question paper, starting at 9am until 12noon. Information Technology will be written by 1298 candidates in the province and there will be 98 centres/schools writing.  It’s also a 3 hour question paper, starting at 9am until 12noon.  “These are practical examinations where everything is answered on the computer,” said Mahlambi.

“Tomorrow is all systems go and the examination will be monitored by different stakeholders of the department and chief invigilators and invigilators have all been appointed and they are all trained to ensure to conduct a fair and credible exams,” said Mahlambi.

Head On crash – 8 Injured


LADYSMITH:  A 4 month old baby, and 8 other people were injured when the vehicles they were travelling in were involved in a head-on collision, this afternoon, 18 October 2014. The collision had occurred at the intersections of Pieters andColenso.  SharajEMS and EMRS had responded to the crash scene.

Tanya Young, who had stopped at the scene to help, told the Ladysmith Herald that the baby was badly injured. “I had asked the mother, if I could transport them to the hospital, as the little one was bleeding from the nose, eyes and mouth,” said Tanya. Tanya told the Herald that people were  lying all over the place and had been crying for help. “The mother had rushed the baby to the hospital with other family members,” Tanya confirmed.

Police and Public Safety were at the scene and will conduct further investigation into the cause of the accident. The injured were stabilized and transported to hospital. At the time of publishing this story,it was confirmed that the baby is still fighting for it’s life in hospital.

Five-year old swept away in heavy downpour

A five-year old was tragically swept away by a flash-flood in Somhoek, Ekuvukeni, yesterday afternoon, during the heavy downpour that was experienced throughout KZN. five-year-old





It is alleged that the five-year old, Nhlakanipho Shoba, was walking home from school with her brother, who is also five, when they were caught in the heavy downpour. The main road which leads to their home, became a raging river within minutes and swept away the small girl. Her brother managed to seek refuge at a home nearby, when his sister disappeared into the surging waters.

“The waters were so high and swept her away so fast, that there was nothing that anybody could do,” said her father, Mr Hlongwane, who was joined by Ekuvukeni police and Ladysmith SAPS Search and Rescue officer, WO Meyer and K9 colleague Gessie. The team searched for most of the afternoon, only to find a jersey and one of her socks. “You can see what the force of the water was, by the damage to the trees and ground that has been washed away,” said WO Meyer, as he trekked along the small spruit that later joined with the Sunday River.

The search will continue, but it had been placed on halt, because of more rain expected in the area.

Police arrest Durban North theft syndicate

by Devina Haripersad

cycle  3

Constables TW Maphalala, MJ Masondo and FK Govender were instrumental in the arrest of the four men allegedly involved in the syndicate

Police clamped down on a theft syndicate that was allegedly targeting the Durban North area, stealing bikes and power tools.

Yesterday evening, four men were arrested during a police operation led by Greenwood Park SAPS Station Commander, Colonel Mngadi. The station commander tasked the crime intelligence members, together with the crime prevention members, to track down the syndicate that had allegedly being plaguing the area with criminal activities for the past few months.

The investigation started off in Umgeni Park, thereafter leading to a location in town. The investigation then led to Newlands, where police managed to uncover the stolen goods. Over 10 bicycles were recovered, together with power tools, and five grass-cutters. Police also seized cartons of counterfeit cigarettes and pirate DVDS.

The suspects were allegedly selling the stolen goods from a stall in town, under the guise of selling fruit and vegetables. According to police reports, the stolen goods were kept at the back of the stall and brought out at the request of a buyer.

The officers who facilitated the major bust, were Constables TW Maphalala, MJ Masondo, FK Govender and WO Lutchmen Singh.

Police spokesperson, Colonel Jay Naicker, said, “Members of Inanda Cluster Crime Intelligence and Greenwood Park Trio Crime Task Team arrested four suspects aged between 18 and 51 for being in possession of goods suspected to be stolen. Members were following information of a string of house break-ins and thefts that occurred in the Greenwood Park area. Information gathered led them to Durban City Centre, where they spotted a truck loaded with various goods suspected to be stolen. The suspects were then placed under arrest and they led police to a house in Riverside, where more goods, including bicycles, tools, taps, counterfeit cigarettes and jewellery, were found.The four suspects were charged for possession of goods suspected to be stolen and will appear at the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Monday.”

Municipality issues weather warning for KZN


The water-logged street in the Point Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road) area late yesterday afternoon

eThekwini Municipality’s Disaster Management Centre has received a weather advisory from the South African Weather Services regarding the stormy weather that hit the coast. According to a media statement that was released yesterday afternoon, “Predictions for Friday, 17 October 2014 indicate that the wind speed will increase overnight and into the morning. Wind speed could increase from 24km/h tonight to 50km/h tomorrow morning between 8am and 11am. Wind gusts are predicted to reach up to 70km/h. This could result in damage to structures, cause trees to fall and result in traffic congestion, where these impact on roadways. Wave heights are predicted to rise up to 3 metres tomorrow and this could present a threat to bathers.”

“Residents, particularly those in the informal sector are requested to attempt to secure roof sheeting, as heavy winds could cause damage to them. Tacking the roof with extra nails or adding some weight to the sheeting might assist to hold it in place. All residents are advised to be cautious for the duration of this warning,” ended the statement.

Hail turns Howick into Winter Wonderland!

hail-storm-2 hail-storm-1

Most parts of KwaZulu Natal were caught in the grips of a storm yesterday, when heavy winds and rain battered the east coast. Snowfall was recorded in the Drakensberg and heavy hail storms were reported in Howick. A Howick resident said her garden was turned into a winter wonderland, with the hail that fell in that area. Motorists are urged to exercise caution on the wet roads.

Ethekwini Times 17.10


Pinetown Izindaba 17.10.14


Weekly Gazette Glenwood 17.10

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